NEW Branson Attraction!
The First Motorized Thrill Ride Like It In The World Is Now Also The Place To Ride The

Fastest Go Karts In Branson!

At some point in almost everyone's life, they dream of flying like a bird. The formerly named "Moto-Zip"® now gives everyone the chance to surf the sky! That's "Moto-Zip" ® can let you experience that wonderful, free feeling, you can only get from why we decided it needed a new name "The Sky Surfer"! Some folks are calling this the best Branson attraction! Whether riding it standing, like a surfer, lying down, like Superman© or sitting while taking in the view,"The Sky Surfer" ® is very versatile and a very fun activity for kids in Branson!

The First Of It's Kind

You can experience the only motorized, computer controlled surf-board on a zip line cable in the world ONLY in Branson, Mo. and not long after, in the Great Smoky Mountains areas of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tn. This thrill ride is multi-vector and motorized which means you surf without needing gravity and can even defy it! This unique thrill ride will take you over 5,000 feet on a continuous adventure!! You'll go downhill, uphill and around curves on this extremely fun, unique ride.

"The Sky Surfer" Is Completely Safe

Designed from industrial strength aluminum, it's light enough to reach speeds exceeding 30 mph and strong enough to support much more weight than it will ever have to! The cable it rides on is the same as the arrestor cables used to bring jets to a complete stop when landing on aircraft carriers. This cable is made of very high strength steel and is strong enough to support a car!

Launching Spring 2012 ONLY in Branson, Mo. !